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Liège Waffles

Liège Waffles


Our large Liège Waffles (90g / 3.17oz) are made with butter and pearl sugar. These classic Belgian waffles are recognizable by their uneven edges and golden crust. Made with a thick vanilla batter, our waffles are perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

How To Serve

Ready to eat – enjoy your Liège Waffle plain or with some sweet toppings. If you prefer it warm, place the waffle in the oven for 1 minute 3 seconds at 300°F or in the toaster for 1 minute.


Wheat flour, butter, pearl sugar, water, yeast, invert sugar, powder, salt, natural vanilla flavor.

Contains wheat, milk and eggs.


100% butter

Cage-free eggs


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Liège Waffle

Legend has it that the Liège Waffle was invented by one of the Prince Bishops’ chefs from Liège, Belgium. As the chef was attempting to create a brioche in a waffle iron, he had a brilliant idea to add vanilla to the dough. The Prince was charmed by the scent of warm, sweet vanilla wafting through the air and soon the popularity of the waffle recipe spread throughout the kingdom. This waffle has remained since then the most popular in Belgium and in the world.