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“Valentine's Day used to be pretty simple. Candy hearts, flowers, and a romantic dinner for two, right? Well, while that's still fine and dandy, we're pretty partial to the holiday's more recent trends, such as Oreo bouquets, cherry-flavored mochas, heart-shaped ravioli, and, yes, heart-shaped macarons.

Costco is offering what may be one of the greatest Valentine's Day deals ever: a box of 25 macarons by Le Chic Patissier for only $12. These heart-shaped treats come in two different flavors, strawberry-vanilla and raspberry, and look as good as they taste.”




“Heart-shaped foods are a must in February, and we’re busy diving into these Sour Patch Kids Conversation Hearts and personal-sized Reese’s cookie skillet. You may have already seen that Costco is in the Valentine’s Day spirit with these heart-shaped four-cheese ravioli, but they also have you covered for dessert with festive macarons.

The European macarons are made by Le Chic Pâtissier, a French specialty products brand. While a box of 24 macarons from Ladurée will cost you $73, Costco is selling a box of 25 for $12.49. That’s about an 83% price difference.”



The Kitchn

“You have a little more than a week to get your menu together for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you already have dinner planned for your sweet thang (please, ditch the restaurant this year), and maybe you’ve already decided to pick up some flowers. But what about desserts? Sure steak is great, but dessert is essential on this beloved holiday. 

If you’re stuck in the dessert department, Costco has your answer to love day bliss: heart-shaped macarons. Provided by Le Chic Pâtissier, you can have 25 of those classic delicate, almond-y cookies that melt in your mouth for only $12.49 at Costco. In comparison, a box of 24 cookies from the legendary Ladurée costs $73, so this Costco find is a total steal. 

I have definitely bought a single macaron for $4 before, so I am as delighted as you are right now to discover that I can eat my heart out on heart-shaped macarons that only cost 49 cents a cookie.”st

-The kitchn