The Choux was born during the reign of Catherine de Medicis in the XVI century. Famous pastry Chef Popelini, created the “Popelin” : a dough baked on fire for the first time in the history of baking. This process was named later on “hot process” which was perfected in the following year. In the XIX century, Chef Antonin Careme knowed at the King of Chefs and the Chef’s King created the Pate a Choux which is now one of the most popular pastry in France. For many years the Choux are being used for Paris-Brest, Saint-Honore, Religieuse and of course the famous Croquembouche.
The Chouquette is a sweet choux now populare in the European bakery and the Gougere “Cheese Puff” is a well known delicious cheese choux used for apetizer and more !