The story of the Crepe


The crepe is the offspring of the Breton galette (galette Bretonne), a savory pancake made of buckwheat flour, water and sea salt, which traces its existence back through thousands of years. In fact, various forms of the galette can be found in many ancient civilizations. They usually consist of a mixture of water and flour ( wheat, buckwheat, rice, corn, etc.) according to the country of origin. 

Brittany is the emblematic region for what we now call the Breton galette. Its primary ingredient, buckwheat, is a seed brought to Brittany from Asia during the Crusades. The hearty plant thrived in the desolate, lands of Brittany, making the Breton galette the staple food of the region for centuries. 


The galettes were initially eaten plain, but soon became accompanied with salted butter, sausage and eggs. It became common at festivals and wedding to hire "crepe makers" to prepare piles of breton galettes. Any remaining dough was repurposed for dessert by adding eggs, cinnamon or orange blossom; and thus, the original crepe was born!

Since then, the recipe has been modified, and is now made from wheat flour, eggs and fresh milk, giving the crepe its sweet taste and opening up the possibility to create an infinite range of crepe recipes and garnishes to suit any taste.


Where are the crepes coming from?                                        Our values & Know-how


 • The "Know-how" of the Britany Crêpes

 • The finest ingredients from the Britany territory

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Classic Crepes

• Fresh and Natural Ingredients:

            Selected Wheat Flour, Fresh Whole Milk, Whole Fresh Eggs

• No preservative, no additives and no coloring

• Fine Crêpe: Excellent resistance and elasticity,

potential for creativity

• Frozen, pile of 10 crêpes:

Ease to use, and to avoids loss

• Quick Thawing