Valentine's Day Macarons 25ct image.png

The Macarons

The macaron is one of the most celebrated and romantics desserts in the world. A delicate, fashionable dessert with an impressive personality spanning the globe, our artisanal macarons are hand-crafted in the french tradition. Created specifically for Valentine’s Day, each macaron consists of two almond biscuit meringues, held together with a melt-in-your-mouth ganache of fruit puree filling.

We want our luxurious macarons to convey the love and admiration you feel when you gift your love one, friend, or acquaintance this dessert. This is why we create only the highest quality macarons with best-in-class ingredients. Using 100% natural ingredients, we source high-quality vanilla from Madagascar and fresh seasonal fruits for the puree.

We believe macarons make the world a better place. Therefore, you deserve the best this world has to offer… including your delectable dessert!