The story of the Brioche Bun

The origin of the gache and the brioche buns trace back to the Middle Ages. To celebrate Easter, each Vendee family manufactured its own gache - bread-shaped cakes - rich in eggs, butter and sour cream ( creme fraiche). By the nineteenth century, the occupation of a baker grew in popularity throughout the countryside, inspiring the craftsman to alter the brioche bun recipe and its shape by braiding it. This braided brioche bun, made with flour, eggs and butter, and flavored with orange blossom or vanilla, was associated with celebration, pleasure and fun. Even giant brioche buns, ranging from 22 to 44 pounds, were prepared for wedding feasts! 
Today, the brioche bun is a part of everyday habit for breakfast, brunch and snacks. It can be eaten plain, sweet (French toast, jam ... ) or savory ( sandwiches, etc.)

Our Values & Know-how

Where are the brioches coming from?

- 36 years of expertise in producting brioches

- Two production sites located Vendee

- 8 lines of production

- 13,000 tons

-Certifications BRC/IFS

- PGI Certified (Protected Geographical Indication) 


- High Quality Ingredients:

     No Palm Oil, Only Natural Flavors

- Professional Bakers Are Making the Dough 

- Hand Shaped Products 

- Butter products


- Respect of a Long Time Process:

 Resting time after mixing the dough (l to 1,30-Hour)

Proving time after being shaped (3 to 4,30-Hour)

It is a very important steps to guarantee the soft and

fluffy texture along with a good development of the flavors

- Quick Thawing